Moon Phase

25% waning crescent

exactly 3%

Next new moon in: 00:28:08
Next full moon in: 19:08:08

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Last recorded kills

Area Rank Name Kill
Churning Mists A Bune 22:20
Churning Mists A Agathos 11:14
Mor Dhona A Kurrea 16:31
Central Shroud A Forneus 15:58
Eastern Thanalan A Maahes 15:10
Western Thanalan A Alectyron 14:59
Central Thanalan A Sabotender Bailarina 14:58
Dravanian Hinterlands A Stolas 09:06
The Sea of Clouds A Sisiutl 10:16
Dravanian Forelands A Pylraster 14:15
Dravanian Hinterlands A Slipkinx Steeljoints 21:41
Eastern La Noscea S Garlok 04:49
Mor Dhona A Kurrea 01:17
Northern Thanalan A Dalvag's Final Flame 20:02
Dravanian Hinterlands A Stolas 14:44
East Shroud A Melt 22:18
Central Shroud A Forneus 22:14
Eastern La Noscea A Hellsclaw 22:01
The Sea of Clouds A Sisiutl 01:09
Central Thanalan A Sabotender Bailarina 14:47