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FFXIVHunt.com Rebooted

Lali-Ho, where's the tracker?

As mentioned on the previous site and in my blogpost, I did remove the global hunt tracker. All reasons can be found in the blogpost but simply speaking, too little people did care anymore about it, plus too many people did abuse the tracker and reported wrong kill times to throw other hunters off. All of that made me decide to scrape the server wide trackers for good.

But fear not! I have created a new Hunt Timer with which you can track your own times! You can even share the timer with your friends as read-only or give your most trusted people the password so they can reset timers as well.
This new feature is by far not finished, yet I wanted to bring this first version out there as the demand was rising a lot lately.

A BIG thank you to all who sent in spawn points and information on Discord. Also a really big shoutout to Robbie Highwind from Ragnarok for the amazing collectoin of information over here on reddit.

Few Hunt Updates Patch 5.0

Marks defeated in the new areas will yield Sacks of Nuts, which can be exchanged for various items. Players must first complete the following quest before taking up the Hunt in these areas:

Nuts to You

Disciple of War or Magic level 70
The Crystarium (X:12.1 Y:15.0)
Hume Lout
Players must first complete the quest "Elite and Dangerous" and have progressed to a certain point in the main scenario.

You can exchange Sacks of Nuts for items with the following NPCs:

  • The Crystarium (X:9.4 Y:9.5) - Xylle
  • Eulmore (X:11.0 Y:10.8) - Ilfroy

You can contribute!

There are various little (and larger) pieces of information still missing on the page, such as more images for hunt marks. If you have anything you would like to contribute, feel free to message me ingame, per mail or through discord.
All contact information are also available on the about page.

NEW Last Update Version 2.2.3

Updated rewards for slaying hunt marks.

are gone, are in!

Updated: 10.12.2020 06:47

Full Changelog

List of Features to come

The new FFXIVHunt.com still has some open tasks (14) until I will call it finished. However it should be already pretty useful to you.

Currently working on
  • Dark Theme adjustments
  • SS-Rank in Timer
  • FATEs
  • Updated Rewards once the new tomestones are out
  • New Hunt Marks
  • More Features for the Hunt Timer
Open tasks for future releases
  • Generally update hunt information
  • S-Rank Conditions Display
  • Moon Cycle Reload
  • Daily Targets A Realm Reborn
  • Multi Language
  • Send in your pictuers
  • Fun tools like: Treasure Maps, Cactpot, etc.
  • Weather
Recently completed
  • Currently available Lore
  • Daily Targets Shadowbringers
  • Shadowbringers Marks
  • Hunt Timer
  • Eorzea Clock

Don't hesistate to contact me and ask for a new feature you'd like to see on the site!