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Update to come

Change to come with Shadowbringers!
With the release of Shadowbringers, this page will no longer feature individual tracking for hunts. Instead it will turn solely into a information hub for hunts and other FFXIV tidbits like treasure maps. More information about the change and why I do this can be found here.
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Last recorded kills

Area Rank Name Kill
Coerthas Central Highlands S Safat 21:57
Coerthas Central Highlands A Marraco 10:43
Central Thanalan A Sabotender Bailarina 07:57
East Shroud A Melt 04:57
Central Shroud S Laideronnette 23:35
Eastern La Noscea A Hellsclaw 17:26
Western La Noscea S Bonnacon 23:30
Western La Noscea A Nahn 21:51
Dravanian Forelands A Lord of the Wyverns 00:09
Mor Dhona A Kurrea 19:26
Upper La Noscea A Marberry 20:15
Outer La Noscea A Cornu 05:15
Middle La Noscea A Vogaal Ja 05:07
Lower La Noscea A Unktehi 04:55
Eastern La Noscea A Hellsclaw 04:50
Coerthas Central Highlands A Marraco 13:35
Eastern La Noscea S Garlok 07:48
East Shroud A Melt 21:27
Eastern La Noscea A Hellsclaw 18:10
Central Thanalan S Brontes 01:05