2.2.3 Current Version

Last update: 10.12.2020 06:47

Updated rewards for slaying hunt marks.

are gone, are in!


From: 18.02.2020 09:07

Updated rewards for slaying hunt marks.

are gone, are in!


From: 30.07.2019 11:06

S-Rank-Marks of Lakeland, Kholusia and Amh Araeng were added.

Lore Texts for the Marks in Lakeland have been changed in this patch and the updated versions added to the database.


From: 30.07.2019 09:20

Added a ko-fi link in case you feel like supporting this page ;D

Oh and yea, dark theme has been added!
There are still some adjustments to be made, but overall I'm pretty happy with the result.


From: 24.07.2019 16:26

Small update on the SS-Rank page. At least visually, than in the backed it's now ready for additional SS-Rank marks in case they will add more.
Information on respawn time for this SS Rank mark is still missing to me and thus I cannot add it to the Hunt-Timer yet. If anyone knows, please forward it to me!

Also I did remove the big red spoiler warning messages. The tiny one's in the menu will stay a week longer.


From: 07.07.2019 13:38

Added a first version of the Shadowbringers SS Hunt Marks. Better information page will follow!


From: 07.07.2019 12:12

First version of the Hunt-Timer is live!

In case of problems or feature requests, feel free to contact me!


From: 04.07.2019 00:01

Consolidated the daily mark map links into one block at the top of the page. Should make it easier to use this way.

Also made the individual links for each daily hunt smaller to fit better into the screen.


From: 01.07.2019 10:39

There was no update on the functions of the website, but I still wanted to point some things out:

Added the daily marks to Shadowbringers.

Added all A-Rank marks from Shadowbringers.

Added as many S-Rank marks as I could find so far and will keep adding more.

There are not screenshots yet of the final area as well I did cut off the map at the lower half. It's too big of a spoiler just yet for that final moment when you get there..


From: 27.06.2019 09:55

Added the daily hunt page of Shadowbringers, obviously it's currently still empty.

Made various preparations for Shadowbringers to make discovery of new hunt marks easier to handle and add to the sites.

Added the 6th field area of Shadowbringers however without any name yet. I'll add the name either on the 2nd of July at launch or in case it gets mentioned in the full patch notes.


From: 26.06.2019 21:41

Added Daily Targets for Stormblood areas.

New map overview of daily targets got added to for both, Heavensward and Stormblood areas.
Please feel free to contact me in case of wrong or missing positions.

"A Realm Reborn" daily targets are still "work in progress" and won't be finished until way after Shadowbringers due to the huge amount of marks in these lists.


From: 25.06.2019 12:03

Despite not fully completed, I opened up the daily hunt targets for Heavensward.
If any point is missing and should be added, or if any point is wrong, please let me know!


From: 20.06.2019 13:26


2.0 beta

From: 20.06.2019 09:18

  • Database Definitions.
  • Creation of the new database tables.
  • Areas and Regions added into the database.
  • New Layout
  • Lots of images from hunts, although could still need more
  • Lots of images from ingame resources
  • Legally required thing such as cookie message or privacy policy link
  • Spawn locations of S, A and B-Rank hunts
  • Ingame Lore
  • Lodestone Plugin
  • Eorzean and Server Time
  • About and Contact Page
  • Changelog
  • Rewards