SS-Ranks Shadowbringers

Spoiler warning!!

This site gets updates with new information as it gets discovered in FFXIV. There will be spoilers if you have not yet progressed far enough in the new expansion story and the new areas!!

All information is also still subject to change as reported hunt locations might be wrong and maybe will change during the first few patches after the release of the expansion as they did before.


The Forgiven Rebellion

The Forgiven Rebellion

Spawn Theory

Defeating any of the normal S Rank marks has a chance to spawn multiple (4-5) Forgiven Gossip Enemies. Defeating them within a certain time-limit can spawn The Forgiven Rebellion


This is a curious mark. According to my sources, they hail from beyond Il Mheg's borders, and may well roam all across Norvrandt.
It's a mean bastard, even for a wandering eater. We've received reports of it actively seeking out veteran hunters, as if it craves the thrill of the fight.
Which isn't to say that it fights fair. Sadly, several of our top Nutters have been ambushed while returning home from a successful hunt, which has led some to wonder if it commands lesser minions to guide it to promising prey.
As for who it was before it turned-some say it was an elven soldier who led others in open revolt against the rulers of Lakeland before the Flood, all at the behest of the mysterious Shadowkeeper, and that like the Virtues, its unusual hunting habits are rooted in its past life...